June 29th, Hammer Time

First of all, this is gonna hurt, don’t worry though it will be easier tomorrow….

Team workout. Groups of two that plan to use the same weight.

5 rounds
5 X 135 lb Power Clean
10 X 135 lb front squat
5 X 135 lb Jerk.
20 pullups

Once the first partner finishes his pullups, the second partner starts. Each partner must complete 5 rounds.


43 thoughts on “June 29th, Hammer Time

  1. Just wanted to put this one out early so ya’ll (thats for you B) can get your minds right for tomorrow and have a good night’s sleep.

    My legs are already screaming at me for planning this after today’s beatdown, let the hate flow…

      • 135 is gonna give you a go. I watched Crip’s spiral into despair at 135 last time and it was horrible to watch. Drew watched me do 135 and pissed his pants. I hope that helps you get your mind right. Ha.

  2. “First of all, this is gonna hurt,”…
    What was today? Active Recovery? I must have looked like I was going to need medical attention because several people came up to me and ask me if I was ok following the workout.

      • mannerisms just like the “homeless guy” on park bench….that last 500 i think he sounded like “row rape” over there..randy the whole way was talking him up..

  3. Mike might come by at lunch tomorrow as well, that could possibly give us nine, so 4 or 5 teams. Are there that many Bars at the gym? Should we start at a less busy time so that we don’t take every single barbell? Or maybe do two heats of teams? Or just slobber, spray sweat, and mumble at anyone that doesn’t like the fact that we are monopolizing the bars and weights?

  4. about all room for is 3 bars..that’s the most we have ever used..that’s taking 2 off of benches and one is in bar rack over by door..

  5. We did littl’ hammer on April 20 and the only difference was 10 pullups per round. Look at your weights and times and screw your courage to its sticking place. I think 5 bars would be pushing it and we sure don’t have enough room to go 5 wide for pullups. Are we going for total team time? 10 of us – awesome.

  6. i didnt realize we had done that before, i do remember that now being one big suck-fest ryno i may be at 115 with you afterall…… 🙂

  7. Drew and Mike …and Scott and Dave and Randy – 35:03

    Got that 135 lbs this time. Powered all the way through the set the first two times. Last three I may have taken a break after the first four cleans but I muscled through the last 20 reps of each set without taking a break.

    …hell yeah

    • that was awesome….even mayo came down to see what was going on..the loudest we have been..if you can’t lift it with Randy in your ear then you just can’t lift it..haha..thanks Randy..you got me and ryno through it in a real respectable time.

  8. “me and scott” were ~30:10, scott and drew might have given dave and randy a good run today, maybe next time…

    next time…
    mike/dr. hate

    • Yesterday you showed you could row like a monster so now it is time to move on to stomping other workouts. I think all you guys have it in you and this group will make it come out eventually.

  9. Wow, we work harder when there is a big group. Everybody was killing themselves today. Then I heard Scott say that Friday is going to be hard – sheesh.

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