June 27th

If you guys really wanted me to program a week, here’s monday.

Warmup, that upper back stretch that David and Ryan had you guys do with the foam roller.

5, 5, 5, 5 Deadlift

Then “Randy”
75 reps of 75lb power snatch for time.
(That’s from the ground)


24 thoughts on “June 27th

  1. Yes, we want you to program this week. It is funny that Randy was just telling me we need to do strength weight deadlfts and this popped up. It even has his name on it – sweet. I am going to wish we had some 15Lb bumper plates today for “Randy”.

  2. yeah 15 lb bumpers would be awesome today.

    With all the complaining last week I figured I would put in a little extra heavy lifting this week.

    This one is gonna hurt.

  3. I felt great at 365 last week for 5 and could barely get 4 today because of the bar slipping out of grip. I either need to try chalk or just deadlift with you guys.

    315-335(4, grip)-365(4, grip)-frustration-315

    “Randy” in 6:31. I think i used to much shoulders at the beginning instead of exploding with the legs, by arms failed out towards the end. That was a rough one, I am still sweating after cooling down and showering.

  4. 275,295,315,335 x 5
    365 x 1

    11:50 on metcon – first time attempting a “power snatch”. 75 reps is good practice i guess..

  5. I am going by CVS on the way home. Looks like I should just Keep a bottle of Alieve in the car.
    Deads ok. top my ramp was 275. 65 pounds on the bar for Snatch. Time 7:20 ish. I just registered for the Warrior run… there are 38 slots left. See you on Wednesday.

    Oops. Wrong Username

  6. DL: 225, 245, 260, 275 x 5.
    Metcon: 8:26, my freakin arches were cramping, i think i could have come down at least 1 minute if not. any way, shoulda, coulda, woulda…… next time……..

  7. dead lift 275,305,335,365,375 X5
    Metcon – 8:35

    Wow this sucks to do by your self. Thanks for leaving me some chalk on the floor guys. I wiped my hands all over it just to get a good grip.

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