June 24: Embrace The Wrench

Warm Up:
5 Min Stretch

What’s Next:
20 Mins Practice Your Wrench

Cool Down:
18 Holes of Golf


22 thoughts on “June 24: Embrace The Wrench

      • I would also be open to this on fridays this summer, just need some heads up so i can get my hours in before friday. That way i can drink beer with the caddy and not have to go back to work. I am gonna try to work late tonight and see if i can get enough hours to leave early and not come back tomorrow.

  1. Are we talking about something we are weak at like a goat? I guess “embrace your goat” would get some looks. Or is wrench something that you are good enough at to get yourself into a world of hurt.

  2. did Grace – 6:20 (PR I believe) <– If anybody knows the last time we did this let me know. I'd like to compare to my old time.

    then that ab workout:

    hollow rocks
    back extensions

    • The last time we did Grace was Sept 13 and you were sub 6. You just don’t remember what a badass you were.

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