June 23: Goin’ Globo

Warm Up:
10 Min. Stretch

1. 3×5 Box Squat (betwen sets ..x3, clean practice)
2. 3×5 Bench Press (between sets …x5 DU practice)

Whats Next:
3×1 Max Height Vertical Jump


12 thoughts on “June 23: Goin’ Globo

  1. ryno is doing by himself looks like in the morning..could we do max height box jump instead?? I kinda been wanting to do that..

  2. i am going to bring a tape and figure something out from there. maybe do the jumps along the white block wall we do wall walks on, stand on the 36″ box with the tape and try to eye ball evryones height. any other ideas? short of having one of those flippy flag pole things that really measure vertical height, not sure what else to do. yeah i said flippy flag pole…….

  3. b has no computer..Odin got mine moved but the drop is not hot..wtf..might be monday before i am back up..on co workers now..

    • so your only clock was on your other computer? workout was at 11:00 just like any other day…. you didnt miss much anyway.

      • told ryan to tell y’all….had to meet computer man at new place at 11….ain’t like ryan..i can take you crip..haha

      • Please tell me that was a throw down challenge for tomorrow. Side by side first one to 1K on the rower. Crip and B in a cage match! Come on…… tomorrow is boring otherwise.

  4. No hate today.
    Bench X5 185 205 225
    Box squat 12″ 225 245 275 (these were mostly touch and go but I did rep 4 and 5 at 275 as real box squat and it about killed me)

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