June 21: Rhyno’s Relief

Warm Up:

3x 20 sec  Hand Stand Hold (either on a wall or with a spotter trying to balance)

4 Rounds For Time Of……

1. 10x TGU 35#DB (5 ea arm)
2. 20x 1 Arm 35# KB Juggles (10 ea arm, release and switch at top of swing)
3. 40x DU
4. 800m Run


26 thoughts on “June 21: Rhyno’s Relief

    • not really juggling like you would think of, its just a release at top of swing (above eye level) and switch hands, so its not like you got 3 KB at once….

  1. One thing about Crips week, his posts get plenty of chatter (good and bad). And speaking of bad, what about that lazy Drew, piping in about us talking about him and then him pulling up with a sick excuse. That is some red headed lameness if I ever saw it. 🙂 J/K Drew, hurry back.

    • Those push presses are looming on ya’ B! The swings are going to get the back and shoulders again as well. He has said we row tomorrow so you have that going for ya’. Ha.

  2. 42:10 – nice one crip….keep bringin’ it..don’t let up on programming..make it a week to remember. btw, dt has 50 posts now..

  3. 36:15. The last 800 was “The Wall” for me. I was struggling to even go 8 km/hr. I may as well been walking. But I jumped it up to 14 km/hr the last 100 to stay ahead of Ryno. That little F*ker don’t know when to quit!!!!! Good job everyone and it was great to have Arthur join us today.

  4. 32:45. I used Randy’s jumprope for the last 3 rounds. That thing should be called the punisher because for every failed rep it puts a whelp on you somewhere. I think the most I got was 13 consecutive. I was getting by on 2’s and 5’s. I think the next time I use that thing I will definately need a safe word. The run was terrible but at least I got to tell the programmer to “take the wrench!”

  5. 39:22. yeah those 800’s were a big monster wrench, the third 800 i had to slow down to a walk twice, shin splints suck. no running for a few days for this kid. i think DU’s are one of my new favorite exercises. good job guys, good first day arthur.

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