June 20: DT

5 Rounds For Time Of 155#/125#….

1. 12x  DL
2. 9x  Hang Cleans
3. 6x  Push Jerk

Whats Next:

Timed 500m Row


50 thoughts on “June 20: DT

  1. One week off with poor diet- check. Get back to my caring group of workout buddies – yep. Result: DT (Fist) + 500m row (twist). Randy had to help me get my mind right for this workout.
    DT – 12:35
    row – 1:34

    • Awesome row Rhyno. With better form 125 would have been within your grasp today. Now that your front squat strength is there you just have to learn to drop into it with confidence.

      • Definitely need to work on the form with my cleans.
        Was going well on the rower until 1:10 and then the wheels started to fall off. Think I need more more practice on the rower. Can you help a brother out, Crip?

      • Yes, it is hang power cleans but Ryno is leaving his hips fully open and catching with his knees sagging forward. Even power cleans land in a high front squat position. He also needed to drop more on the jerks so he didn’t have to press with his arms as much.

  2. Awesome times all around guys. This will be my first time trying DT, should be fun.

    I have class at 5 tonight so I am going to get this done at the gym here before class so I won’t make it over to the NASA gym.

    I plan to be there wednesday with you guys at lunch though. (Crip, since my achilles is messed up I would prefer nothing with running, but if we are going to the track i’ll do tire flips or something)

    • DT is hard on the wrist and grip so be aware. Without a solid rack position your shoulders are going to be talking to you pretty quick.

      • Off topic, I found this one a couple weeks ago and thought of you David, its aptly named. I have been looking more intently for weights to buy just to try this one out.

        3 Rounds of:
        200m Overhead Barbell Carry
        10 Front Squats

        Logistics would be near impossible right now, but soon I will own weights and we will all suffer together.

      • I was looking at “Badger” and now am jonesing for some weights and a bar for the track.

  3. 20:11 Rx’D. not so good on time but i finished at weight. so i was happy.

    1:40 on the 500 m Row, a personal best for the 500m.

    ryno you skeer’d for tomorrow yet?

  4. 22:15 last night for this. Probably spent 3 minutes going back and forth from the bathroom getting papertowels to try and make the bar not slippery. I think the bars here are slightly larger in diameter than the ones at the NASA gym. I was having a hard time holding my grip for the 12 deadlift which is odd.

    Had to break the cleans into sets of 2s and 3s to wipe the bar down and reset my grip, the bar felt like it was slipping out of my grasp on even the first ones of the sets.

    Maybe i just need to man up and work on my grip strength…

    Traps are certainly sore today, and man does my rack position need work now that my wrist is back to decent health.

    You guys all tore the crap out of this workout with you times, well freakin’ done! It certainly humbled me last night

    • Hey, you Rx’d it. Great job!! This workout definitely had a lingering affect on me later in the day. I didn’t think it was possible, but I had to use a hook grip on my string trimmer to keep from dropping it at one of my properties.

    • Blame it on the equipment. What is with the multiple trips to the bathroom? That is where you grip strength went. Just grab a wad while you are in there and be done with it!

  5. LOL i thought i had enough paper towels but the bars here are brand new and not covered in a nice layer of dirt and chalk so they are ridiculously slippery…..and i realized i had forgotten my sweatbands at home! dang was i pissed.

    I also tried a hook grip but that didn’t seem to work that well either. I am gonna need to start bringing my own chalk i guess.

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