June 16: Evil Tabata

Tabata of the following movements:
DL @ 225#
KB swings @ 1.5 pood


11 thoughts on “June 16: Evil Tabata

  1. Results (DL, Dips, KB, HR)

    Randy: 43, 44, 63, 59 / Total: 209
    Ryno: 43, 59, 53, 64 / Total: 219
    Crip: 36, 47, 76, 57 / Total: 216

    Crip crushed us on the KB swings. Good job, Crip. However, after the recount I got you by 3 reps.

  2. Did this last night, the deadlifts were rough, my legs started cramping in round 6, i think my hamstrings were still unhappy about running on wednesday. Dips were definitely my weakest exercise, damn 233 lb body.

    Totals 49, 40, 62, 57 total 208
    Mike did it with me and he got 30, 42, 59, 48 total 179

    I really wasn’t sure about the ROM for hollow rocks, so I rocked down to get my legs as close the ground as possible without touching.

    I am pretty torn up today

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