June 15: Tosh

At the track:
Run: 3x (200m + 400m + 600m)
Rest the exact time it takes you to complete the interval in each set (Ex: 200m Run takes 35 Sec, Rest 35 Sec, then Run 400m, Rest 400m time, etc…)


16 thoughts on “June 15: Tosh

  1. Heheheheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeee. I would love to see the race between Drew, Randy and Crip. Three wide in the corners – yeah.

      • now you ve done it, randy’s gonna kick that red headed ar$e of yours now…. had to go pokin the bear, dintcha……. who you callin old anyway? what were your times the last 2 days? just sayin…… 🙂

    • Dave, you would be laughing your arse off at me if you were at work. I got a call from Ron (rep for the Smartscope) saying the army needs us to inspect some flight hardware that some field techs messed up. They are coming over tomorrow and I have to do a laser scan of the parts and am cramming all morning in the lab when our little buddy (you know who) decides to interrupt my cram session. I can understand how he thinks I wish to waste time, since I’m wearing headphones and am uttering profanities from not being able to get the laser to work like I want it to.

      Our exchange:
      Him, after he taps me on the shoulder, “Hey man, you look a little perplexed.” Me, “Yea, I have to give a demo tomorrow for some army guys and I don’t have time to dick around today.”
      Him, “Oh, man, excuse, me. Sorry, I didn’t man to interrupt.”.

      The dude will never learn. By the way, I finally got the laser to work. Now, off to kick some a$$ at the track.

  2. 200’s – 35-42-43
    400’s – 1:28-1:35-1:36
    600’s – 2:25-2:32-2:33

    exacly 7 seconds difference between rd. 1 and 2 on all runs and exactly 1 second difference between rd. 2 and 3 on all runs..

    • Rd 1. :36, 1:20, 2:19
      Rd 2 :38, 1:33, 2:24
      Rd 3 :40, 1:36, 3:02

      I was there chasing the rabbit until the last 400 when my lungs gave up on me. Nice to get back out to the track again. i would have been no where near my times without someone to try and chase.

      Nice work today guys. Crip is like a whole new running machine with healthy knees!

      I gotta say that i was little perplexed at how far behind Randy was after the first few intervals, he then ran down big red for his old man comments.

      • My new goal is to bring glazed doughnuts for those guys before every workout. I also plan on running more to get faster. Hopefully between the doughnuts and the running I can meet those guys in the middle.

      • The problem with Awesomeness is that he hasn’t been married long enough to realize you don’t shoot your wad the first 45 seconds. It’s all down hill after that. You gotta remember Drew that you have to pace yourself; it is a group activity and you have to have staying power. Start slow, get in a groove and maintain. hahaha!!! Donuts don’t help, it just adds to the middle.

  3. Great job guys. That would have been great motivation chasing Ryno and Biggun with those miniscule rest periods. It will take me several days to get back to form since my diet is gone to shit this week. We are really having fun though. After weeks of scorching heat at home, it has been too cold to go shirtless at the beach. We are leaving Maryland today and heading to North Carolina.

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