June 8 Leg Press

strength: work up to your high 3 rep leg press(like a 5X3 but if it takes more or less than 5 rounds it’s ok)

Then: descend in 90# increments max reps. Rest only as long as needed for the weight to be stripped. Score is total weight.

What’s next: borrow a wheel chair


10 thoughts on “June 8 Leg Press

  1. I know I said squats today but I didn’t want alot of squats to failure. Randy and I used to do this little jewel and it does the trick.

  2. if you are flexible you can get out if you fail..haha..if you are not flexible you will be if you fail..I failed once while working out with Shannon.

  3. I had forgotten the score sheet at the gym but have now retrieved it.
    total weight on the sled times reps decending(this is a number for score because we don’t know how much is lifted in a machine)

    Ryno – 3910 ( I gave you 400lbs for the dry sled lifts because otherwise those 10 reps were 0 score)
    B – 10530
    Crip – 10530 (Crip got 1 rep at higher weight to break the tie)
    dave – 11610
    Randy – 22500 ( yeah he doubled up on us, but he got to rest under 295 bench while we warmed up)

    starting point and scoring per round for each individual –
    Ryno : 6 plates 1080, 1440, 990, 10 reps bare sled
    B :10 plates 900, 2520, 1890, 2520, 2700
    Crip: 12 plates 540, 1350, 1080, 810, 2160, 4590
    Dave 14 plates 1260, 3240, 1350, 1440, 1350, 1620, 1350
    randy: 14 plates 3780, 3240, 5400, 2880, 2700, 2700, 1800

    • My legs feel pretty good considering the pain during the workout. The workout we did a few weeks ago with 225 squats in it was much worse for recovery. We will see what my legs feel like after driving for 12 hours tonight and tomorrow. My knee hurts a little but I think it is a shin exertion from the stations workout. Randy wasn’t going to do the leg press workout but after he pushed a 295 bench he was fired up and came over to finish us off. Basically, he kicked our ass on his way home from a fight.

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