June 8: Fran

95# thruster


11 thoughts on “June 8: Fran

  1. Sep. 30 numbers
    Dave – 4:35
    Randy – 5:00
    Scott – 5:24
    B – 6:07
    Ryno – 6:38 – 75#
    Crip – 7:50 and 7:27 – really….you did this twice..
    Drew – 7:27
    what’s the goal for y’all – go fast go hard..haha..mine is sub 6

  2. Wow, Fran how I have not missed you. I need to learn/train how to maintain my work. 1st round 1:15 – finish 4:30. I guess I’m gonna have to go to “motorboating and hump the bar” to get near 4.

  3. Scott, you would have loved seeing ryno afterwards. He was sitting like an old homeless man on park bench. head down arms between legs and shakin’. ryno 110% every day………..

  4. That’s awesome, I wish i could have been there. This cold or what ever i have is killing me. I am so fatigued and tired that it wipes me out to walk up the stairs at work. Hopefully this crap works its way out of my system for next week.

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