March 24: And 1

AMRAP in 15 minutes of the following….

1. 1X Dead Lift
2. 1X Hang Clean
3. 1X Front Squat
4. 1X Push Jerk
add 1X to each movement each round

What’s Next: 2 lap cool down out back


10 thoughts on “March 24: And 1

  1. Scott, we are going to lunch after if you want to join..probably either mexican off madison pike or 88 buffet. we can call you when on our way if you want to go.

    • Yeah give me a call and let me know. I have a long analysis to run this morning so I will wait to run it during lunch.

  2. By the way crip, hat’s off to you on this WOD. I like the programming, I wish my shoulder would be up to the task today.

    135 is going to get vey heavy very fast

  3. 8 rounds + 9 DL + 4 clean. Remember Drew – “linger long but die ye must!” I think it is a big improvement that you had hope.
    what’s next was 2K row which was the slowest row ever. 2K in 8:40 then on to class.

    • yeah, whats that 2:10 500’s….. good for me, slow for you. you’re not tired are you. you’re a machine…….

  4. was 8 overheads and 4 front squats short of 8 rounds – Man I thought Dave and I were going to be close until he finished another half round in less than a minute!

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