March 23: “Fight Gone…… Awrhy-no”

For Time….

At the track 3 rounds fight gone bad style with the following….
1. Push-Ups
2. 20# DB Thrusters
3. 10 Yard Shuffle Run Repeats – shuffle 10 yards touch ground shuffle back touch ground repeat, there and back = 2
4. KTE
5. Tire Flip
6. Rest

8 thoughts on “March 23: “Fight Gone…… Awrhy-no”

  1. Good spin on FGB with 2 min rest because of logistics.
    The numbers
    Crip – 240 Good job Crip
    B – 39 more than Crip
    Ryno – 24 more than Crip
    Taco – 47 more than Crip
    David – 66 more than Crip

    most push ups: Taco – 110* (3 min rest one round…just sayin)
    thrusters: David – 69
    shuffles: Rhyno &David – 35
    KTE: Taco – 48
    tire flip: David 48

  2. well i had to go easy on the guys today to keep them interested in the rest of the week….. you know basic leadership 101 kind of stuff. just doing my part to keep morale up. 🙂

      • Crip’s first round of push ups is as happy as I have seen Ryno in a long time. “Not high enough crip” “Not low enough crip” – Classic.

  3. I was happy because this was the last day of the week for me.

    My comments were for his own good. Wanted to make sure he got full range on those push-ups since he loves them so much.

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