March 22: Filthy Style

for time, with the following…..

1. spider pushups on bosu/plyo balls (practice for friday)
2. GHD
3. pull-ups
4. plank twist 15# DB (25 each arm)
5. back extension
6. lat pullovers, 40# DB
7. squat rows, 150#
8. short box foot ups (right-left = 1)
9. renegade rows, 25# DB
10. double unders.

20 thoughts on “March 22: Filthy Style

  1. you called it Scott….me, drew & crip all finished around 48….drew a few seconds before crip and me a few seconds after crip. Dave finished first with Ryno cussing his way to a “hated” finish.

    what’s next – mile out back

    • Yep, my favorite was at the end when Ryno was doing those lat pullovers with 30#’s. He looks up, cusses out Crips water bottle for a bit, then says f*ck it! And throws the 30# to the side, picks up the 40# and finishes the workout.

      Dude was pissed, but he chose the wrench on that one.

      • Scott, how much do you miss moments like that dude….then Ryno does his last rep and storms off.

  2. 47:28 – Loved the “spider pushups on bosu/plyo ball”. Only did sets of 3 or 4 cuz I kept falling off the damn thing! Screw you gravity.

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