March 21: 7 Up

couplet for time, 7 rounds of 7…..

115# squat cleans (to ground each time)
115# push press (start from ground)

what’s next……

team rowing, 3 rounds of 250m total time….. teams of 2, the clock starts when the first guy starts rowing and ends when the 2nd guy finishes his 3rd 250m.


13 thoughts on “March 21: 7 Up

  1. I was planning to come to the Arsenal track @ 4:15- 4:30 to do the crossfit endurance running tonight if any of you are interested in joining me.

    3 rounds run 200, 400, 600 m.

    Rest as long as it took to do the previous run.

    • I actually am glad I have to get the kids after work today because I might have tried something so stupid. My hamstrings and flexors are still not right from Friday. Are you going to make a habit of track work after work on the Arsenal?

  2. Crip “U F*Cker U” Shoulder press? Seriously. Squat cleans are bad but that workout should have been push press.

    16:25 Rx

    The new C2 rowers are here. They are nice and we used them side by side in the team race to 1500m today.

  3. 18:30 – Rx’d two rounds, then went to push press.

    I’m actually glad I have to go to a breast feeding class with Christi tonight. I might have tried that run after work too.

  4. 15:21 – Rx’d 1.5 rounds, then went to Pusster Presses for the remaining 5.5 rounds. I felt pretty good on the Squat cleans, and I think I can give an instructional class on how to properly bail out of a failed SC attempt. I had two failed attempts.

    I love having two extra rowers, but that love will quickly fade I’m sure.

  5. just finished this one, yeah i doubled it up with fight gone bad…. just for you ryno…

    as INTENDED** 16:10
    Whats Next: 5:20-ish with 1x rest. did my 250’s in about :52, finished my 750m in 2:38.

    ** Push Press.

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