Feb 1 WOD

Bench Press
3×5, 1×12-15

(For time)
225 pound Deadlift, 21 reps
400 meter Run
225 pound Deadlift, 18 reps
400 meter Run
225 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
400 meter Run
225 pound Deadlift, 12 reps
400 meter Run

Based on the results from the mainsite, look at targeting this to around the 15:00 mark. Scale the Deadlift as required so that this is more of a sprint and not a 30:00 slog. The slog will happen on Wednesday.


33 thoughts on “Feb 1 WOD

  1. How about a penalty set of burpees if you go longer than a given time? Say a burpee for every 10secs you go over a certain time. That way you are choosing a realistic weight and pushing the intensity instead of sloging through just because that was Rx’ed.

  2. This metcon is not really designed for penalties. If you want to drop the weight because you fear your form degredation will cause injury then decide that before you start. If you don’t feel you are getting enough conditioning out of this then think of it as building your work capacity. You did 15 X 225 last week so think of this as doing burnout sets with some restful running in between.

    Personally, I am hoping you don’t scale because this is a classic battle of strength and muscular endurance. Time to shut Drew up Ryno!

  3. Bench Press:
    5x 205-225-240
    12x 195

    Metcon in 14:15.

    I’ve got to try harder and increase my work capacity for running. It would help if I just dropped 10-15 pounds. The running cost me on overall time. I went through the DL’s straight except for the last set, where I split it 9,3. My heart felt like it was about to explode after each DL set and it took me a good 45 seconds to a minute to get my breathing and heart regulated which in turn cost me speed as I couldn’t just crank it up and go. I had to start around 6 mph and after a minute I could crank it up to 7.5. Back felt pretty good but I was cognizant of my form after seeing Ash and Steve struggle during their rounds. Overall a good effort by everyone today. This one is definitely a keeper. Props to Ryan for setting the pace early and maintaining it.

  4. Dude tell me about it, i have put on 4 pounds SINCE christmas. I am up almost 15+ pounds since stopping working out with you guys at lunch regularly. Of course i was shooting for some weight gain when I did that pure strength cycle, now to drop the unwanted part of the weight….

    Three of the sets unbroken is awesome, i had to break them up into three sets each round after the frist 21.

      • HAHA, the thing is that i have been trying to drop some weight since christmas, before that i didn’t really care.

        And 12#s since christmas is impressive, Ryno, you need to follow crip around and eat whatever he does. I have the feeling that Ryno is once of these guys that says “i can’t add weight and i eat everything i can!!!!!” where in reality he only eats like half a plate of food at each meal. I had a buddy in high school wanting to add weight so we went to a buffet and he was full after one measly little plate.

  5. Bench Press:
    5x 205-225-240 (4rep)
    10x 185
    Metcon in 13:26. I did this metcon opposite Randy and it was very motivating when he blew through those deadlifts. I started about 10 reps behind so I had to play catch up the whole time. I broke all DL sets into halves with a step back and 3-4 good breaths. Pretty close to puking on this one. I am back down to 195-6# from 204 two weeks ago and I felt it on the bench.

    Scott what do you want to do tomorrow? Core metcon with maybe some team aspect. Light on the back because of the last 2 days. A good Huff and puff more than 20min and less than 30.

  6. BP: 215,225,235 x 5, Max Rep: 165×15

    Metcon: I only got through the first round of 21, the second round I only got 6 reps and then the lower back felt funny so I stopped the DLs. Thanks David and Randy for pushing me to go ahead and completing the 4 rounds of 400s.

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