Jan 28

Shoulder press 3X5 (this is our first repeat on the schedule so look up your numbers)
1 x 12-15
Skill: Muscle up practice

10 rounds for time
obstacle course in the BB court


26 thoughts on “Jan 28

  1. No climbing involved in the obstacle course. Lots of sprinting, one obstacle to go under, several to jump over but nothing high like a box jump. Time domain for this one is short (<5min) so we need to be hustling the whole time.

  2. Drew is on the CFFB (Cross Fit Fat Boy) strength training routine. It consists of Bench Press, Arm Curls, Shoulder Press for strength and Metcons at local Buffetts. 🙂

    Have a good weekend. See you Monday!

  3. shoulder press
    5 x 128,139,150 (the week of beatdown made all of us not so spry)
    10 @ 128

    metcon: 4:15 (I fouled on the last round and it cost me catching Ryan)
    Me running on video is not pretty.

  4. Anyways.

    Shoulder press:

    Ran three miles on the track out back (Barry would know if he looked up from the daycare center when I yelled out his name at 3:45). fatboy my ass!

    then I went and met up with the wife for dinner

    then went to fire house pub for a few pregame brewskis (cool place)

    then went bowling on the arsenal (Christi got 142, I got 143)

    then went to hoppers (big mistake, first time and last time there in one night). they have a returning house band called Peter and the wolf. They remind me of a band called Rock afire Explosion. If anyone remembers that band, redheaded awesomeness is bestowed upon you for a week.

    …for time

  5. ran ~2 miles with my wife, then did 20 HSPUs with a 30 second handstand hold at the end of my last set for burnout.

    Probably did 10-12 of them head to floor.

    • Awesome, maybe you are growing back some of the bones you lost in your shoulder playing Rugby. You had suggested you were going to try the Tickle Monster on Saturday by yourself – you made the right choice.

      • I should clarify, I did sets of 3-5 HSPUs at a time. With a few of each set being full depth.

        Funny, Drew said the same thing about trying the tickle monster….

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