Jan 25 WOD

Front Squat
Back Squat burnout

Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
Rest 2 minutes

Motivational Poster:


22 thoughts on “Jan 25 WOD

  1. 3 x 5 @ 155,165,175
    1 x 15 back squat @ 166

    800s @ 1% incline

    A thanks to ceilingcat for the form tips during the FS and the kick in the rear during the metcon. 🙂

  2. I substituted bench today for the FS seeing that I missed bench last Friday and my lower back was sore from yesterday’s @# kicker!

    bench: 185×5, 207×5, 217×4

    burnout @ 145×14 – thanks for the spots Barry

    3×800′s @ m/h-(too embarressed to say after seeing other posted speeds)

    walked during 2 min rest periods

    total time with rest periods was 20:32
    total distance = 1.96 miles (includes walking rest periods)

  3. nothing to be embarrassed about, as long as you write down your speed somewhere and go slightly faster next time. You are only really competing against your past performances and trying to improve every time.

  4. FS: 165, 185, 205
    BS: 185 depth practice I didn’t accurately count them but they sucked.

    3x 800 the treadmill was a bad way to measure time but that sucked too. Funniest moment today – Crip broke the treadmill next to me.

  5. Front Squats 185-205-215

    Back Squats 1X15 @ 205

    800s 1% incline, set to 10.0 mph, 10.0 mph, last one had to reduce the speed through the run and ended at 9.0 mph. so 3:00 min, 3:00 min, ~3:40ish

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