I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and takes a much needed rest. This week has been taxing on my body and by the looks of the rest of the group, it has taken a toll on you guys as well. I’ve enjoyed the workouts this week and look forward to the strength gains over the next two months. The key to success will be to get the rest you need, eat well and go hard when the opportunity presents itself.

Approach each lift like it will be your last attempt and don’t waste it. Go hard. Don’t second guess yourself post workout and think I should have forced out an extra rep on the burnout set. Go hard. I’m guilty of letting up during the metcons when I get winded and feel I just can’t go on, and it pisses me off to no end when I see the results of my less than stellar effort. Remember; age, weight, strength are no excuse for a substandard performance. Go hard. Stamina and overall performance will increase if you don’t let yourself give up. Go hard.

Show up Monday and don’t worry about what the other guy does. You can’t control that. Let it motivate you in a positive way, but remember that you can only control your performance. Step up to the plate and and don’t leave anything in the tank when you walk out of the gym. Go hard.


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