Jan 20 WOD

Back Squat

L-sits (L-Hangs if Parallettes aren’t available)
3 Rounds of max holds

Core Metcon:
KTE’s x 20-16-12-8-4
V Sit Ups x 20-16-12-8-4


8 thoughts on “Jan 20 WOD

  1. BS: 225, 245, 265 Working on the depth and it is starting to become respectable.

    The stuff we do must be working because I tried on three occations last year to do a v- situp and failed. Today they popped out no problem – KTE, not so much.

  2. BS: 225, 245, 265

    Bench (since I won’t be here tomorrow):
    1×5: 215
    1×5: 220
    burnout 1×14:165

    Skill: 25, 18, 16

    Metcon: finished but probably looked really dumb doing v-situps, too bad Rhyneaux wasn’t around t-bagging stuff to cause a distraction.

    rowed 1000m – 4:09

  3. BS: 225, 275, 295

    Skill: 40, 30, 20 – I don’t think I was in a perfect ‘L’ shape but it was close

    Metcon – finished

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