Jan 18 WOD

Shoulder Press – 3×5,1×15

AMRAP in 12 min using 95#
Thrusters – 5 reps
Power Cleans – 7 reps
SDHP – 10 reps


15 thoughts on “Jan 18 WOD

  1. Now that i have gone about 4 months without any real metcon work and just sporadic heavy lifting, it is time to dial it back in. i thought just doing heavy stuff would be good, and maybe it was for a few months but I just miss the metcon work and can really tell that my overall fitness is lacking. I’m gonna do my best to follow this new program…I dig it.

  2. 3 x 5 at 115,125 135

    105 x 13 – we were all better at gauging burnout press than bench

    RX 4 rounds plus 5 thrusters and 4 power cleans….bunch of onlookers today for the metcon guys..at least for the second group (dave,randy,drew)!

  3. Push Press
    2×5 @ 115, 135#
    1×15 @ 95#

    5 and 2/3 rounds as Rx’d. With 10 seconds left, I just couldn’t muster up any effort to crank out 1 or 2 SDLHPs.

    Great workout today. We did the metcon in groups of 3. You guys had quite a few onlookers yourself B. I wish I knew what they were thinking or saying, or better yet, maybe I don’t.

  4. SP: 5X 135, 145, 155
    12 X 125

    Metcon: 6 rounds

    The onlookers and “weigh to win” candidates better get ready for a show. From Crip’s one word monologue’s to Monsinor Decker blessing the bar and finishing with the dry humping motorboat style deadlift of Dave we put on quite a show.

  5. Push Press
    1×5 @ 125#
    1×5 @ 135#
    1×3 @ 140#
    1×3 @ 135#
    1×15 @ 105#

    4 and 2/3 rounds as Rx’d. Except for thrusters I claim king of bad form.

  6. Made it to the gym at 4:15 and it was packed.

    Push Press
    1×10 @ 105#
    3×5 @ 115#, 125#, 135#
    1×10 @ 115# ran out of gas had to drop # for last 5 reps
    1×5 @ 105#

    3 rounds with 95#

  7. Shoulder Press 95 – 125 – 147, 10X115. Metcon 5 rounds even, didn’t have the stomach to pick the bar up for thrusters for the last 15 seconds of my time. (lost about 30-45 seconds talking to marathon steve, but it was a welcome rest.) First metcon in about a month and man was that awful, the SDHP were the worst by far but that could have been because they were at the end of each round.

    • Wow that is a fast ramp up. The SDLHP was the worst for me and Randy kept catching me during those. I would be about 5 ahead when he started and we would finish about the same time. I pulled a sprint and him at the end to get 6 rounds. Thruster would have been pretty bad if the reps were as high. How was that metcon on your back? Because mine is pretty sore today.

  8. It worked my back pretty good, its definitely sore today but actually feels better than it has recently. I think it needs the extra work to strengthen up some more. I’ve been doing back extensions but i think the dynamic stuff is something it needs as well.

    The metcon shocked my system so bad last night i had a hard time falling asleep…man i’m out of shape

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