Jan 14 WOD

Shoot me Now, Please

400 m run

30 KTE’s
30 Situp Standup
30 Burpee Tuck Jumps
30 Hollow Rocks

400 m run

20 KTE’s
20 Situp Standup
20 Burpee Tuck Jumps
20 Hollow Rocks

400 m run

10 KTE’s
10 Situp Standup
10 Burpee Tuck Jumps
10 Hollow Rocks

400 m run

The “situp standup” is a combined movement where you begin on your back and explode up into a squat position. You stand up then squat back down, rolling into the initial start postion on your back. And yes, we combined your two favorite movements into one with the burpee tuck jumps. Thus the name of the workout, shoot me now, please!!!

By this workout gave a whole new meaning to the term “embrace the wrench”.


10 thoughts on “Jan 14 WOD

  1. 36:39…..F*** ME!!!!! The situp standups were an unexpected surprise. Definitely will have to practice these more often and maybe progress to a situp pistol ala Rhyno.

    • No, this was my creation. And yes, it was terrible. The situp standups were more of a forward roll into the squat postition, then stand. They added a lot to the workout, especially after the first round when everything was blown to hell in a handbasket. Crip couldn’t stand up so we modified it for him to roll up as far as possible, then repeat. It was a good one for sure. David is going after work, so you guys may want to tag up and go at it together.

  2. 34:10.

    Situp Standup exposed my lack of hip adductor (inner thigh) flexibility hence the need to do situp pistols. Know what my home work is over the holiday weekend.

  3. 40:12 yeah those F’n situpstandup things suuuuuuuck. had to put my hands down behind me and push up to the squat position. ryan figured out my problem for me, but im not going to repeat it cuz he wasnt very nice…… its a keeper and ill get those damn things before the years out.

  4. Holy sheiat!! That was brutal! I’m almost too embarrassed to post my time but I finished all three rounds so I feel good about that. I agree that the situpstandup sucked a@# but I think the d@mn Burpee Tuck Jumps were the worst! My shoulders and chest were smoked from yesterday. I had to modify by taking out the push ups on the last round of 10. Just did a drop down, jump back, jump forward and then the jump tuck.

    Time to finish = 55:32 …embarrassing

    • You finished, so it’s not embarrassing. Plus, the fact that you went at this one alone was not easy to do and it is hard to motivate yourself to keep pushing on when it is just you. Commendable effort!! Enjoy the long weekend and we’ll pickup again on Tuesday.

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