Jan 13 WOD

Strength Bias:
Bench Press: 3×5; 1×15
Dips: 3 sets x max reps

Turkish get ups: 25# x max reps in 12 minutes.

This marks the beginning of our strength based workouts. We’ll focus on limiting our conditioning metcons to under 12 minutes. Standard increases in weight on the lifts is five pounds. In the beginning of the program, the trainee may use larger increases to find their current strength level. The more muscles being used, the more the lift can be increased. Thus, the deadlift can increase by as much as fifteen pounds and will average about ten. All other lifts should stick to a five pound increase. Eventually the press and bench will need to be micro-loaded to continue their weekly increase.


14 thoughts on “Jan 13 WOD

  1. good stuff, i might try to follow this with you guys. Are you planning one major lift per day? squats, deadlift, press, bench press?

  2. Bench: (205, 215, 225) x 5 reps, 1 set of 185# x 16 reps
    Dips: 12,8,7

    TGU: 53 reps @25#

    I dunno B, I was regretting the 12 minute deadline. I really wanted to quit at 10 minutes.

  3. Bench: 205,225,235 X5 ;185 X 15
    Ring dips: I worked dead starts from low depth I got about 5 per round

    TGU: I guess I need to learn to get my weight early cause the only one left was Sivak’s 35# KB. I embraced the wrench with gusto since I was feeling bad about not being able to make the CF total yesterday. 60 reps 35#. That started to bite back about half way through.

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