Jan 7

Skill work is muscle up transition

4 rounds
Run 800
Row 1000
25 hindu pushups


9 thoughts on “Jan 7

  1. Once again…”this doesn’t look too bad” metcon turned out to be a 50min+ grinder suckfest. We did add a rest between the run and row due to the attendance. It helped otherwise someone would have had a heart attack after the back to back cardio beatdown.

    Skill work was greatly needed. Must keep the skill work first in order otherwise won’t want to do it after these workouts.

  2. I threw up a little when I read this earlier….I figured Ryno had stolen ceiling cat’s log in and made this one up.

    • What are you talking about – muscle up transitions aren’t that bad. No seriously, everthing in this WOD goes twice as long as you want. I remember looking up at the rower readout and saying “560? Are you F’ing kidding me?”

  3. The rest (2 minutes or so) between run and row is the ONLY thing that made it bearable. Going from run to row without rest would not have been fun. Scott, wish your back was up to crossfit total with us….

  4. My first running WOD with my Achilles and not too bad. The rest followed the run so I went easy on the run the first 2 rounds and took less rest before the row. That would have been epic without the rest. My rows were all about 3:45. Overall a great grinder for Friday. I wish Crip could have made this one. Barry felt like he was being shorted on the metcons this week so we ended with Filthy Fifty and this one which could be named “thar she blows.”
    When the rowers get here this one is coming back.

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