Jan 4

Heavy bear

Motivation for you guys today while I’m home sick….:( I saw the replay of the WSM this weekend and they were doing the Axle Clean and Press. That’s 342 lbs this guy is lifting. -Randy


15 thoughts on “Jan 4

  1. So you guys can get your mind around this it is the bear complex (power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press from the back squat, then back down to touch and go) 7 times with out setting the bar down. Heavy bear means you get rest while the others are lifting and you try to increase the weight till you have some fear. 5 rounds or as near to it with failure. This workout is in my top group of mental challanges.

  2. Of all the weeks to do heavy bear….Since i have almost no vacation I have to work an extra 8-10 hours this week to make up for xmas. Other wise I would be over there. Maybe i’ll try to do it after work tonight, then again it is really hard to mentally push yourself past the fear without a group. Randy when you get back we’ll get it.

    • Sounds good Scott. I’m out today sick, unfortunately, otherwise I would hit it with you after work. I’ve yet to do this one and really want to attempt it. If you want, I’ll meet you after work Thursday or Friday and give heavy bear a shot.

      • Will want to join you both as well since I’m out today as well. Given limited resources I did the following today:

        5k run
        tabata push-up: 17,10,10,7,7,7,6,6 (total: 70)

        Embrace the wrench!

  3. 95/100/105/115/125

    Yeah let me know when you guys do this again too. I might want to go heavier next time. I had sandbags tied to my wrists again today.

      • It seemed easier to get my mind right and go. Also as it got heavier I rested some before the back squat. The clean work is doing a good job since the clean was never the hard spot. The front squat (which is really a thruster) and hand fatigue seemed to be my biggest problems. Getting it into backsquat position was kinda tricky for me as well. I may have been able to go heavier but it would have cost me badly. It wasn’t “prison rape” bear but I was making some noises.

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