Sep 30 WOD

For our Farewell to Lunchtime Scott for a while.





Yeah its for time


11 thoughts on “Sep 30 WOD

  1. Wow, Fran what a gal! I hope Scott enjoyed his lunch send off and much as the rest of us. He went first so I wouldn’t wuss out at 60. No wussing today except for some form lapses. Steve may have the words but I think I had the acting down for his play after that one. PR – 4:35

  2. 6:38 w/ 75# thrusters.

    Bad form on thrusters + no kipping on pull-ups = I suck

    Need to practice proper form more regularly. Hard to make adjustments to form when your doing these WODs for time and fatigue starts to take over.

  3. 7:50 first time through, 7:27 second time through. i find it hard to say i had a work out when it lasts less than 10 minutes…… just sayin’. but in the words of a wise sage, if i could do it twice i didnt push hard enough the first time….. thats what she said.

  4. quote of the week, maybe year…. in response to “whats the plan for today”

    Step 1: Show up (this is the part you missed yesterday) Step 2: Pain for time Step 3: Go eat

  5. 9:36 w/ 75# thrusters. Damn I SUCK!! The pull ups kicked my ass!

    I ended up having to do them assisted. Damn, I REALLY SUCK!!

    Hey, not too bad for a guy with one good arm. Ok, I don’t suck that bad!

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    I’ve gotta LONG way to go.

  6. Thanks for the sendoff yesterday guys, much appreciated. 5:24 for me, up from 4:54 last time…i need to re-think my pullups strategy.

    By the way the Rugby games this weekend for my team are at 9:00 am and 12:00 noon….In case you guys were still interested.

    • I would love to come out and watch but I fear I will be wearing a dead deer for a hat. My duties of depravity start tomorrow at 9am. Good luck on the games.

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