Sept 17 WOD

The Bear

5 rounds of 7 sets of the sequence:
– Power Clean
– Front Squat
– Push Press
– Back Squat
– Push Press


25 thoughts on “Sept 17 WOD

  1. I only lasted 2.1 rounds…my back started giving me issues. I was a hurting puppy going into the workout today…Bear is going to be awesome tomorrow….

    I like the fact that you made the executive decision and listed a weight, that way we can’t choose our own, thanks.

      • i actually liked the fact that you prescribed a weight, that way i would have been held accountable. With the way i currently feel i think i might choose 65 lbs.

    • yea, B, I realized my mistake after posting the 55% and removed it. Good catch. 🙂 I’m still going to try to shoot for using 115, but I may have to drop to 95 after a couple of rounds. Are we planning on imposing a burpee penalty for setting the bar down between rounds?

      • There is no penalty for resting beween sets just time going by. The penalty is 1 burpee per second on the ground during the set of 7.

  2. 95 # with 3 minutes rest after each rd….21:00….had to hold bar at top of back squat for 20 seconds on 5th rep of sets 3,4 &5….so it turned out to be heavy “bear” for me.

  3. Did 115# 17:30. Then a core cool down with 12 to 2 by 2 of GHD, back extentions and side plank with Randy and Steve. I think Steve had a little brain damsge from the last three days cause he wanted more once we were done. If you want more you didn’t go fast enough.

    • sorry dude, went as fast as i thought i could at the time. 21:58 @ 115# my hands and forearms were giving out, not so much my legs, shoulders, or wind. i’ll try to do better next time….. :o)

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