Sept 15 WOD

Heavy lifting, running, or a combination of both.

Your choice. 🙂 Post what you guys decide to do.

By the way, it’s late afternoon, and this picture pretty much sums it all up.


8 thoughts on “Sept 15 WOD

    • Were you playing from behind the goal? Here is a bit of advice for future goal tending success, 1. Stand in front of the goal, 2. You can leave the hockey stick at home next time.

      • We had two excellent “that’s what she said moments:

        1. A guy said, “use me if you need to”, during the second half. That was too easy.

        2. at the end of the game when our guy cramped up on the field. He was on the ground with a guy over him holding his foot up and he said, “push it in”. Perfect “that’s what she said moment”. It got even better when he started groaning with pain.

        The game was fun too. We did as good as we could with new players up front and playing a man down in the back.

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