Sep 9

Deadlift 5-5-5, then

HSPU, AMRAP in 7 minutes. (To cut down on gossip)

Deadlift 5-5-5 (all 6 sets within 10 lbs of each other)

By the way, Cripplecat was caught below trying to unpost a comment he made earlier to the blog.


17 thoughts on “Sep 9

    • You could bring your new baby-gear handbag and compare it to the handbag that T-Rex carries Fritz around in…that would be good gossip discussion for our 10 minutes of rest

  1. All right Rhino, now we have a real workout in the middle of dead lifts. Remember if you aren’t touching your head to the floor you ARE just practicing. I will bring the parallettees if anyone wants to “practice” full depth HSPU.

  2. DL’s 5 x 275,285,295,305,315, 325

    HSPU’s – Practiced getting up on the wall and holding. Did manage to do some shrug like movements while in the wall position. Shoulder held up fine.

    Funniest line of the day came from big Thomas when I let him listen to my motivation song for DL’s. The song btw was Five Finger Death Punches’ “Burn it Down”. Thomas after listening said, “Pretty cool, I figured you would have had some Barry Manilow on.”

  3. deadlift at 185, 195, 205

    HS practice. Kicking up on the wall and having a spotter hold. Definitely need some more practice but am feeling more comfortable with the skill.

    deadlift at 225, 235, 245

  4. DL’s 5x 185, 195, 205

    17 HSPU’s, not quite touching my head though, and scott pulled me of for two or three, so i guess i was JUST practicing. getting better at getting on the wall by myself though so that is good.

    DL’s 5x 225, 235, 245

  5. DL’s 5 x 275,285,295,305,315, 325 (should have made Drew go heavier)

    31 HSPU (first set went 13) unfortunately, since I have no hair I had to bounce my skull off the ground.

    Steve you have just made everyone reading this blog worthless for the rest of the day.

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